Friday, September 15, 2017


 Have you ever had a divine appointment—a time when God planned for you to meet up someone you needed in that moment or season of your life? Maybe it was someone who stopped to help you when your car broke down. Or maybe it was someone who had expertise or encouragement to help you in an area of struggle.

This has happened to me several times over the past month or so: God allowed me to cross paths with someone I needed to connect with in this season.

We had a wonderful conversation last week and I can already see how she is helping to challenge me and grow me. One of the things we talked about were some of my fears and doubts and how they hold me back from fully living out God’s calling upon my life.

Later, as I drove to meet my husband for lunch—it hit me: these voices of fear and doubt are the wrong voices to listen to! I give them entirely too much time and attention. I also realized that these voices are tools Satan uses to distract and limit me from being who God designed me to be. I don’t know why I hadn’t ever connected that before!

Do you struggle with these voices too? Voices that tell you thoughts like these:  You’re not enough. What will people think of you? Who do you think you are, trying to achieve _____________? You’re too much, people think you’re too needy. Since no one is responding, it must mean they don’t like you. You’re not meant to do this. Did God really call you to do _______?

I hear them too. And often.

But the more we focus on these voices, the more they’re going to limit us from being the women God created us to be! So instead, let’s focus on the voice that matters—God’s!

I speak to a lot of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) groups and this year their theme is “Free Indeed.” Love this! One of the three principles they’re focusing on is “Let Love be the Loudest Voice.” This week, I keep repeating that phrase over and over in my mind and here’s why: God is love.

When we let Love be the loudest voice, it’s God’s voice we’re hearing. That’s the voice that deserves our utmost time and attention.

So when we hear those negative voices, let’s silence them with God’s truths about us and the plans He has for us! Let’s pay attention to His voice above all others.

The day after I realized I had been allowing the wrong voices to influence me, I had a circumstance arise when I listened to the wrong voices yet again. It resulted in a very epic mom fail. Head over to my FB page today where I’ll share the story with you.

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