Saturday, March 31, 2018

Joy Comes in the Morning

I hope you are enjoying a lovely Easter weekend! I normally post on Good Friday, but this year I’ve been thinking more about Saturday.

Jesus died on a Friday and rose on Sunday, but I wonder what Saturday was like. I wonder what His disciples and followers were doing and thinking.

They had seen the worst on Friday: betrayal, false testimony, crowds demanding to crucify their leader, they watched His agonizing death, felt an earthquake and heard that the veil of their temple was torn in two. I can only imagine how disappointed, confused and hopeless they might have felt.

I imagine that on Saturday, their Sabbath day, they replayed it all over and over in their minds, trying to line up the traumatic events with the words of Jesus.

How could this happen?

We go through periods in our lives a little like this, don’t we? We experience a loss, betrayal or suffering and it just doesn’t make sense. We too ask, “Why God?” Like the disciples, it can leave us disappointed, confused and lacking hope.

But Sunday is coming!

Tomorrow we celebrate that Jesus rose from the grave, it’s such a special day. And guess what? We can continue to celebrate the hope and truth Easter gives us beyond this weekend.

The next time life leaves you confused, like the disciples on that Saturday, remember that joy is coming. God is always at work, even when we can’t see it or make sense of it. While we may experience sorrow for a time, we can trust Jesus and allow Him to infuse our hearts with joy, love and peace. He is trustworthy and true! 

Happy Easter, Friends!

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